Project Advisory


  • Entrepreneurs
  • Infrastructure developers – across the entire infrastructure value chain
  • Government departments
  • Local authorities
  • Corporates

to submit potentially commercially viable project proposals onto its platform ( The cost of submitting a single proposal is USD100 paid online or through a bank transfer.

The CEO Africa Roundtable Projects Advisory team will review the project(s) and select those that are deemed commercially viable. The CEO Africa Roundtable Projects Advisory team will consult the Project Owner and requests their consent prior to uploading a one-page summary of their project proposal on the web based platform by signing a mandate agreement. The one-page summary will be uploaded on the platform and will be visible only to verified investors who are registered with CEO Africa Roundtable. If an Investor is interested in the Project and they request further information, the CEO Africa Roundtable Projects Advisory Team will contact the Project Owner requesting their consent to forward the full project proposal to the potential Investor. The potential investor will only be provided with the full proposal after signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding with CEO Africa Roundtable. After the Investor does his/her due diligence and they are interested in pursuing the Project, the CEO Africa Roundtable Projects Advisory team will then introduce the Investor to the Project Owner.