Research Questionnaire

Dear member

In the face of the impact of the coronavirus and the economic challenges our country is going through, we are all concerned about what the future holds for us. We hope that through research and accurate information we can better advocate for businesses.

This questionnaire is for scientific research purposes only; the information and data are strictly confidential; and all commercial use is prohibited. It takes approximately 10 minutes to complete this questionnaire.


Your contribution is important. Thank you for your support!

Section A: Details of the Interviewee

Section B

Section B: Coronavirus Impact Assessment

Please rate your own feelings about novel coronavirus pneumonia on the following scale, from a minimum of zero to a maximum of ten.

Section C

Section C: Cross-Cutting Issues


List 3 important results achieved by the Zimbabwe-economic framework since 2017.


List 3 areas where the economic framework did not achieve expected results.


In the last 3 years, Zimbabwean government has been effective in supporting


What are your top 3 concerns on the Zimbabwean economy?