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Introducing CEO Africa Round Table

The CEO Africa Round Table is a high-level platform for Corporate Chief Executive Officers and Senior Executives, in both Private and Public Sector, created to engender cross-fertilisation of critical economic and business knowledge in and around Africa. CEOs are integral in the operations of companies and quasi-government institutions, which makes their positioning in economic development strategies. The Round Table, therefore, saves to empower them with a wide range of packages including researched data, Synergies, Investment facilitation, business and investment profiling. The roundtable is run by a lean team of competent professionals through a board of governors and management under a Chief Executive and draws its membership from both public and Private sector CEOs and Senior Executives across the sectoral divide of African economies.

Our story and reason for being

In the quest of achieving Agenda 2063 as espoused by the African Union, it is important that business and political leaders across the continent find a common platform for collectivism towards economic and human development. It is also built on national, regional, continental best practices in its formulation thus the important for member states to clearly define their long-term strategies in close collaboration with the creators of wealth, i.e., the private sector.

The key focus for the CEO Africa Round Table is to engender long-term economic planning towards co-ordination and harmonization underpinned by a clear vision and development plan.

The integrated approach helps nations in the allocation of resources towards implementation of the multi-sectoral strategies and setting in motion a series of mutually supporting activities in different sectors with the general objective of delivering the national agenda or vision.

Our key focus areas

High level policy dialogue

CEO Apprenticeship

Trade and Investment Missions

Quarterly Global Economic Reviews


Special Focus Training Workshops

Quarterly Global Economic Reviews



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